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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Home from school

Everyone’s tired

And talking at the same time

Each with their own, important unmet need

Shoes strewn in the doorway

Coats and ties decorate the floor

Three and a half school letters excavated from the bottom of bags

The race to hydrate and supply sufficient snacks before meltdowns begins

PE trainers rescued for mud management

Hot dogs for dinner, again

Food prepped, food presented, food scraped into the bin

Tears when the unsurprising yet shocking news of bedtime is delivered

Excuses executed at five minute intervals for not being able to sleep…

Water in the bottle isn’t cold enough

Pillow too bumpy

It’s too light* (*substitute for dark for other sibling)

Dirty plates loaded

Clean plates unloaded

Reassurance given that the monster is a desk chair

Damp washing from yesterday still sitting in the machine, re-washed

Like the repetitive cycle of the mundane monotony of tasks that feel so insignificant yet all-consuming

But they are the rhythms of growth,

The cyclical spinning drill that drives down deep below the ground

Laying the foundations of security, of predictability and safety

Of childhood.

© Ange Disbury

Photo credit: Lukas Rodriguez

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