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"She's Ageing"

She’s told to feel “past it,” but what is she past?

She’s told to “be desirable,” and that desirability doesn’t last.

Well I’m past it…past the narrative that writes us off by age,

I’m desiring a desirable that’s deeper every page.

That doesn’t lump our stories into one big caricature,

Or laugh away our struggles as “just women losing allure.”

But listens deeply beneath the noise of dominant media messaging,

To fascinating individual stories - they are beckoning.

Of courage, creativity and community over decades.

Of knowing herself more fully, with a worth that doesn’t fade.

Women walking paths of strength that aren’t predictable or linear,

But hers, her own direction, inspiring others as she’s been here.

There’s an honesty, authenticity, into others she’ll invest.

She doesn’t try to push and prove, or seek to earn her rest.

An awareness of her boundaries, knowing ‘certainty’ isn’t success,

Staying curious, knowing her values, she’s so worthy of respect.

© Ange Disbury

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