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Little Ode to September

September tries to tell you it’s the time for getting sorted

New uniform, routine in place, all organised and ordered.

PE is every Monday and on the first and fourth

We swap it to a Thursday…you’ll need shin pads then, of course

A shirt for art which on weekends goes home to have a wash,

And the tuck shop’s open twice a week if you want to bring some dosh

Forest school on Tuesdays if your surname starts with O

Then half way through the term we’ll swap the day and let you know

Your dental check is 6 months late - we’ve not heard from you yet,

Only 54 days to my birthday Mummy pleeease can I have a pet?

Come and meet the teacher at 4:23

Squeezed in between work meetings and preparing the tea

Everyone but me has been asked to Reuben’s party

I don’t want to do Cubs any more…I like Karate

Shall we all go out one night, we haven’t seen you in ages

How about this week, or next, before the weather changes?

Where is your new jumper because this label says Pippa?

Stop your sister quick…she’s ripping Biff, Chip & Kipper!

Can we have someone to ours tonight, a friend to come and play?

That’s so unfair, we haven’t had a play date since yesterday!

Swimming’s changed to Wednesday now you’ve finished stage 2

But your brother’s lesson is still 90 minutes earlier than you

It’s well-being day next week and it’s going to be so great

Just bring five pieces of artwork and don’t forget to meditate

So when the school year starts next time I'll choose to remember…

I don’t have to fit it all into blimmin’ September.

- Ange Disbury -

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